January 5th, 2014


Rosie Roo settles in

On the whole, Rosie has settled in pretty well.  I am glad that Brythen decided he was a Very Good Dog before I took in another dippy saluki-ish thing though.  If they were both of them haring off into the sunset and misbehaving, it would be rather difficult, but most of the time now, Brythen is the nice dependable dog who stays close and actually does what I tell him.  Well, sometimes anyway. What a change!
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In other news, I am drinking mulled cyder. By which I mean an alcoholic drink describing itself rather pretentiously as 'cyder' with a y, that I felt was a bit oversweet (oddly so since it was 8.5% abv). So I heated it with a cinnamon stick and cloves. It was better like that.