December 31st, 2013

Trust me

The Girls are Well Enough...

New Year's parties are, frankly, my idea of hell on earth, so here is a ridiculous story about the Tribune Placidus in an absurd fake moustache that I wrote while I was more or less ignoring the New Year. Happy 2014!

warnings: Placidus being... well, Placidus, and a bit creepy, honestly.
Word Count: 1070
Inspired by motetus's awesome card here:
In which the Tribune Servius Placidus goes undercover in a ridiculous fake moustache, and learns that Yorkshire girls should really not be messed with.

(When Marcus asks Placidus what he thinks of Britain, Placidus replies "The girls are well enough, and the hunting. For the rest - Roma Dea! I can bear to leave it behind me!". I wondered which girls he had met, and how...)
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