December 8th, 2013

upside down

It's the little things.

For some reason I am howling with laughter at the 'haunted house' in this week's Sleepy Hollow.  Supposedly this house was overtaken by fearful Eldrich Forces in the eighteenth century, and nobody has spent more than a few days in it since, because it is inhabited by a Scary. ( I don't think this is a spoiler.  Or, only a tiddler, anyway.)

Here it is:

It's so CLEAN!  Those bricks!  I could cheerfully eat a meal off those bricks! And that paint!  It GLOWS!

Clearly the Scary has spent most of its time since 1781 scrubbing like mad.  I wonder if I can get one to move in with me...?

Of course the whole series is riddled with anachronisms of all kinds, but (perhaps because I live in a place so damp that all surfaces turn green in weeks)  this one really spoke to me. :-D

Dogs and Hedges

Rosie seems to be settling in nicely.  Her doggy manners out and about need some work.  She does have a tendency to greet new dogs with cries of GRRRR, but generally gets on with them well once she has been introduced.  One could not hope for a politer dog in the house.    I'm leaving it till I have Helga Saab serviced next week before I make the final decision to adopt her, though.  Dogs are expensive to run, and it would be daft to adopt another dog if Helga turns out to have some vastly expensive problem.  *wears sensible hat, somewhat unconvincingly*
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I did some hedgelaying today!  Now you can see out to the valley.
Collapse )It was a beautiful day today, and the sky as the sun went down was all dotted with fluffy pink clouds, with that strange December light that is like an old oil painting.