August 24th, 2013

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Social attitudes survey

Here is a social attitudes survey, via huinare
I found this somewhat hilarious, because it kept asking questions in the form 'Our country' or 'We' without taking into account that the facts about'our country' or 'we' are going to be dramatically different depending on which country / 'we' is involved.

It concluded:
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I have few strong opinions! I am pretty sure that anyone who has met me for more than about 20 seconds would be somewhat amazed by this verdict. I think what they mean is, I can instantly come up with two diametrically-opposed scenarios for almost any question. The ratings for 'socialism' surprised me a bit too!
dog knotwork

Coming Home for the Summer

Title: Coming Home for the Summer
Rating: gen
Characters: Marcus Flavius Aquila, Flavius Aquila (jr) Cara Flavia(?) Aquila, Cottia, Esca
Word Count: 1169
Summary: Marcus has been to Calleva to sort things out after Uncle Aquila's lamented but hardly premature death, taking his two older children along with him.  This is a brief scene on the way home.  Not much happens, but... you get to see Marcus being a dad?

Written for the ninth-eagle fanmedia challenge, inspire by the photo of the stream, and if I'm honest, also by this song which despite its prosaic origin as an advert for sausages, has got stuck in my head.
Warnings : written in a hurry even by my usual slipshod standard, and unbeta'd.
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