May 19th, 2013


In which we are in Luckett

I meant to post about walking around Luckett earlier this week, but LJ had hiccups.   Luckett is an ex-mining village - in fact, twice an ex-mining village.  It was an ex-mining village in 1877, when the tin and arsenic mine closed.  Then in the 1940s' the price of tin went up, and the mine re-opened for a short while, until Luckett became an ex-mining village for the second time in 1952.
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State of the garden in May : Aaargh Day

I think it may be time to admit that it is Aaargh Day. This is the day when suddenly all the growth speeds up until it is making a sort of roaring noise, and I have to admit that the garden is hopelessly out of control for the year and all I can hope to do is try to keep it from actually eating anyone.  I have not managed to do my New Years resolution 20 minutes of gardening a day, and this is terrifyingly obvious. One year, I may finally manage this.  But This is Not that Year. Collapse )