May 2nd, 2013


It's a funny old Spring: state of the garden in early May.

Everything has just come into flower at once.  Primroses, vinca, camellias, azaleas.  The late daffodils are still holding on, but the bluebells are coming out too!  My big cherry tree is already opening up delicate pale flowers, while the little nectarine tree is still covered in deep-pink flowers.    In the woody bit at the top, there are gangs of wood anemones, wild garlic and bluebells, all pretending not to notice one another.  And there are even red campions coming into flower too!

The top of the garden is starting to look a bit disshevelled already as everything leaps for the sky - but let us ignore that, and admire the cowslips (with the rhubarb towering magnificently behind them).

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Down to the river.

It's been about six months since I have walked down to the Tamar, as poor Az had made it rather clear that the path was really too steep and rocky for his poor wobbly old back legs. 

But today the weather was so lovely, and Az was bouncing about like a dog five years younger, so I decided we could risk going down to the river.  Everything is covered in celandines or wood anemones, or just pretty golden moss.   And Az made it all the way back up the hill afterwards AND he tried to go rushing over to bark at his nemesis, Molly the Collie when he got to the top.  I am now crossing fingers that he will not be suffering for it tomorrow.

Unusually, I did not take any photos of dogs.  I don't know what came over me.  Have a few photos of the valley instead.
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