April 23rd, 2013

Wild Garden


Yesterday my laptop decided that after living in harmony with Kaspersky Antivirus for ooh, at least two years, it could live with it NO MORE and would Blue Screen of Death repeatedly until the offending software was taken away.   I have fingers crossed that the tantrum is now over, and a long and peaceful relationship with Bitdefender instead lies ahead.

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ETA : apparently this post annoyed Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light, who darned me to heck for complaining about being able to communicate with the outside world by sending my car a puncture, so that I would be forced to use my mobile to summon assistance (I'm afraid changing tyres that have been put on with one of those powered wrench things is not something I feel likely to succeed at). It was not just a puncture, but a puncture to the one of the two back tyres that didn't need replacing anyway, too! Grrrrr.

And my laptop BSOD'ed again. Double Grrrrr.