March 12th, 2013


Sunshine in flower form


Brilliant sunshine on the daffodils this morning, and just a few flakes of snow from a pale blue sky. Warm enough to play fetch with the fluffy ball and the brindly loon in the garden in pyjamas before breakfast, although he had to break the ice on the pond to get a drink afterwards, and alas, the early frogspawn is frozen solid.
dog knotwork

It just isn't 1833 any more

I see that the residents of the Falkland Islands have voted to stay British again. I'm glad they are getting a choice. I really don't feel that 'they were Argentinian in 1833' is really much of an argument. Imagine if we rolled everything back legally to the status in 1833! It would certainly be entertaining (who's going to volunteer to tell China that they should be a monarchy again?), but I can't help feeling that 'let's just ask people which nation they want to belong to now' is the more practical approach.