February 17th, 2013

Wild Garden

OK, Ok, I take it all back. Well, some of it anyway

I did finish Bride of the Spear in the end instead of pitching it into the charity shop pile. (And OMG, look at that cover on Amazon.  My copy does not have that cover.  I nearly fell over laughing when I googled it just now.)   And goodness me, she almost won me back as a loyal reader.  Almost...

 Owain of Rheged comes good and rides heroically in a Theoden-like manner to the help of Pict-besieged Bamburgh!  Loyalties are confused because the king of Lothian has some Pict followers who look at everything from a matrilinear perspective, whereas the British are patrilinear, and although everyone knows this, it's still hard for them to understand each other!  Healing happens not just with 'herbs' which magically make everything better -  but with specific, named herbs with specific properties! And the healer is very conscious of all the stuff she can't fix, and the difficulty of measuring an accurate dose!

(This is probably the kind of thing where many people will be thinking 'who cares!' but I do love heroic rescues and accidental cultural mixups and accurate herb-descriptions.)

I can't remember feeling this conflicted about a set of books... probably ever.    If only the characterisation /plotting was different!  I love the worldbuilding so much, but...

Dogs and Things

Lunch with my mother, and my sister, who is just about to move to Canada.   Originally they were going to buy a business in Vancouver, but apparently buying a Canadian business from the UK takes forever and involves 9999999 paperworks, so now T has accepted a job in Moncton, which is on the East coast which they have never actually visited.  My sister will be moving out there to join him in April, and jobhunting when she gets there.   I do hope they like it!
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In other news, painting of Bedwyr harping for Artos and Cador of Dumnonia is slowly coming together although I do wish I'd put fewer faces in. But I suppose Faces are Good For Me.  Bedwyr now has a face that actually looks like a face, although painting a face that is *supposed* to have a weird flying eyebrow and be 'ugly beautiful' is somewhat tough.  I had a nightmare last night about a conspiracy of evil harpers.  I'm pretty sure this was to do with checking too many harping websites for reference photos.

In the end I used this Youtube video as reference for a small portable harp and positioning the hands.  It's not exactly The Great Music, but it is rather lovely.