January 5th, 2013


3D Hobbit 2

So, having whinged and moaned about the possibility of not being allowed to watch 'The Hobbit' in 2D, I decided that actually I wanted to see it in 3D 48fps as well, just to see what the differences were, and find out if it made me sick. It didn't make me sick. Yay! There was much less of the 'Whoo, lookit my 3D bits!!' stuff than in Avatar, the only previous 3D film I've seen, and since I'd seen Hobbit in 2D already, I didn't feel cheated by briefly looking away during the Zooming Around Dale bit at the start. I was expecting the 48fps element to possibly make the nausea worse, but I didn't feel it did.

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ETA: have put some spoilers in comments :-D

Under the Twelfth Vulture

In Sutcliff's The Lantern Bearers, Aquila deserted the Eagles when they flew from Britain, but his friend Felix obeyed the call and sailed away to defend failing Rome. Aquila never knew what had happened to Felix. I thought I'd find out. Somehow this ended up as 3159 words, but given that it includes both a epic battle, the fall of Rome, AND two cups of mulled wine, I think that's actually quite short.

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