November 26th, 2012


Mr Azoo is unwell.

Yesterday, Az was off his food.  He did try a little lunch, but didn't keep it down, and was sick several times in the evening and overnight.  Off to the vet this morning, he was given an antiemetic shot and antibiotics, and instructions to give him his heart pills by putting them down his throat.  He didn't like this much, and soon brought them up again.  

He hasn't brought up the antibiotic pills yet, but he won't eat anything, not even boiled chicken.  This is all seeming horribly familiar.  I am trying not to assume it is the same problem Mollydog had, because really, what are the odds? But it's worrying.  

To add drama to disaster, I had a foster dog booked to arrive here tomorrow, a pointer called Danny.  He's come from Greece and has tested positive for leishmaniasis, which is not a transmissible disease in the UK, but does mean his immune system is potentially compromised.  We don't really have anywhere else to put him, so I am a bit worried I may have to bring him here anyway.  I should, I think, be able to keep them separated if I have to, but it's not ideal.   Stress stress stress stress.    

Edit: 6pm.  I've just left Az at the vet on a drip: he's been going downhill all today, and is now dehydrated and I can't get any medication into him orally.   I feel terrible. Being left behind is one of Az's big fears and I've just done it to him.