November 16th, 2012



Yesterday, I was efficient!  I got up early!  I found a young collie x dalmatian to exhaust the Big Puppy as they ran madly in the lovely sunshine!  I did plenty of work!  I did some work-related reading to help me improve my skills!  I hoovered the house!  I paid bills! I voted in the new Police and Crime Commissioner elections (I am dubious about the creation of these posts, but was able to find a candidate that I felt was worth voting for, so did).  

Today, I overslept, got up to find a cat had pooed on the floor and a magpie had stolen the milk, and that the weather was cold and wet and foggy.   I then dropped my cafetiere on the floor, breaking it comprehensively, and cut myself on the pieces when picking them up.  I bled everywhere, and discovered that I had at some point broken my emergency backup cafetiere and therefore would have to drink coffee out of coffee bags.   I am now overdue to walk the dogs and am instead sitting here livejournalling.

Here are photos of flying dogs from yesterday.  Yesterday was in every way superior to today: can I please re-order a yesterday? 
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