November 14th, 2012


Missed sponsorship opportunities in Skyfall

It seems unlike the Bond franchise to miss a commercial trick but
  1. They drove all the way to Scotland from London, and there was no shot of Bond moodily filling up the Aston with Super Unleaded from his preferred petrol pump!
  2. And no shot of M tucking into a Ginsters pasty or a Melton Mowbray pork pie!
  3. not really sponsorship, but those were SO definitely Calor Gas cylinders that got exploded, even if they did have the logo painted over.   As someone with a house entirely heated by Calor Gas and a much larger cylinder sitting outside, I felt the need of one of those 'If you have been affected by issues raised in this..." helplines.   I shall walk past that Calor cylinder with extreme caution in future, until I forget.  
I must say, I did enjoy the film, and not just for the explosions and cars.  philmophlegm described it as 'MI6 v Wikileaks' - the Wikileaks parallel hadn't occurred to me, but I can see what he means.  I could watch Judi Dench's M being morally ambivalent and brutally pragmatic, then quoting Tennyson for ages, even though I don't normally have much time for Tennyson. 
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