November 12th, 2012



Just clicked on link for The Hobbit movie, and discovered that Vue cinemas have it all ready set up in their Coming Soon section - in 3D. But not in not-3D. The only cinema listed on their site as showing it in 2D is in Birmingham.

This must, I hope, be a booking engine glitch? I have seen 1 film in 3D, and it was enough to convince me that I - never - want to see another one. 3D does baaaaad things to the strange part of my brain that becomes direly nauseous if given the illusion of motion while sitting still - the part that means I cannot play any first-person perspective computer game, or watch films that make extensive use of the 'shot on a hand held cam' conceit.

I want to see this film! I want to enjoy it! I do not want to have to take a bucket and spend the whole time squinting at it sideways!