October 2nd, 2012

upside down

Shocking behaviour in Roman Egypt.

Now concerning the insulting allegations he made about me: he shut up his own daughters and mine, along with my foster daughters and his agent and his son for seven whole days in his cellars, and treated his slaves and my slave Zoe violently, virtually killing them with blows. He stripped my foster-daughters naked and set fire to them, in complete violation of the law.

I'm really quite glad to hear that all of this was 'in violation of the law'.   At least, I'm assuming that the whole thing was contrary to the laws, not just the foster-daughter-roasting part of it. 

" And he kept on saying that 'a month from now I'm going to take a mistress for myself'"

You really would think that the mistress part of things would simply be a relief after the first paragraph. 

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