September 23rd, 2012


The revivification of Liskeard, a chilly dog, some bad news

On Saturday,we popped to Liskeard, a local market town.  I've not been to Liskeard in a couple of years, probably, and it was a shock to see how many shops were standing empty.  Liskeard is a small town relatively recently blessed by the addition of an extended out of town large supermarket, and a small retail park.  Together, these really seem to have sucked the already-ebbing life out of the place.  
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philmophlegm had some bad news on Friday - he is being made redundant.  This came as quite a shock, as he has been zooming around like a blue-arsed fly for weeks and had a small mountain of things on his work 'to do' list.  Here's hoping that our location lurking on a damp peninsula a Very Long Way from Everywhere between two vast and empty moorlands will not stop him from finding something else.  I can see us having to move house though - either West, to get within commuting distance of Truro, St Austell and Falmouth, which have all come up enormously in the world since we moved to Cornwall or East to within commuting distance of the Small-to-Medium-Sized Wen, Exeter.  Preferably Truro : Exeter is OK, but I think it had more character as Isca Dumnoniorum...   

It's gone cold and wet and 'orrible today.
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