June 12th, 2012


The Tide Comes In

Continuing the vaguely maritime theme, we went the other day to walk the dogs, and on the way, see the old Tamar barge 'Shamrock' being refloated.  She has been out of the water for ages being refurbished, but she's done at last. . When we got there, they had already got her into the dock, and the tide coming in was floating her.  They pulled her out into the river like this.  

Collapse )
In other news, I finally did a hedge survey today.  I feel I have achieved, though it was not the most exciting of hedges.   I think it had been chosen on the grounds that it was on the borders of a medieval hollow way, but it was quite a knocked-about adapted and revamped hollow way, and as the trees had grown tall around it, there weren't that many interesting things growing on the walls.  Hey ho.