May 25th, 2012

Sunset hounds


Walked the dogs at 8:30 this morning, which was far too late.  There was still dew on the grass, but goodness it was hot! 

The hawthorn trees are covered in mayblossom, mostly white with a delicate shading of pink, and the hedges are blue, white and pink with bluebells, stitchwort and red campion. (A pity that red campion flowers are actually pink rather than red, as the name suggests. Otherwise the hedges would have their own natural bunting for the Jubilee next weekend: cost-effective and ecologically friendly!)  Many of the fields are full of shining buttercups, and the most decorative fields have a yellow mist of buttercups floating against a field of daisies.

The pussy willows are shedding their seeds, and the air was full of tiny floating willow-fluffs, catching the light against the dark shadows of the trees.   I saw a swift, and wondered how the swifts distinguish between tiny wispy willow-seeds, and tiny wispy insects.  Perhaps they don't. Perhaps swifts eat a lot of accidental willow-down.  I wonder if it is good for headaches, like the bark of the willow trees.  I imagine swifts may be prone to headaches, since they are so very dark in colour and whizz about in the sun without wearing hats.