March 26th, 2012

Wild Garden

'Tes unsaisonable warrm...

This morning, I got uncomfortably warm ambling along with the dogs, and when I got back to the car park, I found that an adder was just setting off from the car park, through the foot-gate up the hill.  I waited for him to pass,  wondering which was his car.

The hedgerows are full of rather surprised looking starry white blackthorn flowers, no doubt wondering why it's not raining, and the daffodils are starting to look tired already.  I have bluebells in flower in my garden.  March always used to be a dismal damp and blowy month!  What happened? 

This evening I had to wait until it was cool before I took the lurcher lads down to a field to race about.  The sky was completely cloudless blue, if a little hazy, and once the lurchers had hurtled down the field, I could hear the rabbits underground thumping crossly to each other in complaint.   Brythen seems to be just as clueless as Az about actually catching rabbits, which I guess probably helps explain why he was found straying: no good as a working dog...   Fortunately I do not particularly want to end my walks with a handful of sad dead rabbits, so that's fine by me.   We came back along the lane by the light of a very slender and elegant moon.

Tommy Shortlegs Goes Home

Foster Tommy Shortlegs had his first try at hydrotherapy on Friday, to help him recover from his leg operation.
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And then on Saturday, his new people turned up to meet him.  
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In other news, I have wormed Henning, Yama, Kjetil, Perl, and Suma and, a day later Footie, when I finally caught him. The vet receptionist was surprised I spent the extra on buying drop-on rather than pill wormers. I deduce she has never tried to get worm tablets into six cats in succession...

Update Tuesday 27th : Adopters have just sent me this photo: I think it's going to be OK :-D