February 13th, 2012

Mollydog goes boing

From the House of Broken Dogs

Mollydog is home!
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In other broken dog news, I took Tommy and Az out for a walk with my mother's dogs on the fringes of Dartmoor yesterday, and broke Tommy (probably through excessive ball-flinging).  I don't know what he's done, but he's limping very exaggeratedly on one back leg.  I've had a good feel : it's not cut, there's nothing stuck in it, and it doesn't seem to be hugely painful to touch, so I've given him some pain relief and am giving him a couple days rest (which he is being SUCH a good boy about: he clearly doesn't expect two walks every day like my two!)   Fingers crossed it will fix itself, but if not, then I guess it will be back to the vet again... I wonder if I can get a season ticket.