February 11th, 2012

Mollydog in the snow.

State of the Mollydog

Moll's been sick again today and seems in pain. She is still at the vet, receiving fluids.  This is the fourth day since she got ill.  She seemed brighter this morning until she was sick again but now she is not good.
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Edit : And now, the emotional rollercoaster is going up again!  
We've been in to visit Mollydog. She is looking a lot brighter on the new pain relief, and not retching much at all - she had a couple little coughs and brought up some liquid, but nothing much. She's also lost that awful sunken-in look that she had around her eyes.  Still breathing fast and walking rather tucked-up, but she was able to walk out into the carpark with us, which is a big improvement.

They hadn't given her enough bedding, so I made them bring out lots more for her and she has settled down on top of that with a happy sigh. I am really hoping now that she may be able to come home again!

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