February 4th, 2012

Mollydog in the snow.

Zippy Tommy Shortlegs

I've put Tommy's details up on the Oldies Club website.  He's not neutered yet, but I should be able to get that sorted next week, and this is a really good time of year for adoptions, so I would like to rehome him swiftly if we can -  So many elderly dogs in urgent situations are on the waiting list for foster homes, it's quite sad.

Got these pics with the help of philmophlegm this morning, I'm quite pleased with them even though they aren't quite in focus if you look close...

Collapse )

The snow has all gone now, and it's a warm misty evening all full of giant raindrops.  The snowdrops are looking much happier: I thought the flowers at least might have perished, but they are clearly tough little plants.  
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