January 5th, 2012

Mollydog goes boing


The fosterwhuppets have a home offer and with a bit of luck will be going to their new home on Sunday. I hope the new owners are ready for a pair of naughty little dogs - this morning Murphy disappeared inside a bush in which he seemed to believe there might be rabbits, and refused to come out. We had to employ the Ultimate Sanction and pretend to leave. This worked: once he could no longer poke his head out and see us, he soon came haring after us. Hurray!

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ETA : Hm, scratch Sunday, transport is proving a problem. We may be whuppeted up for a few weeks yet.

To Isca Dumnoniorum...

We had a Day Out today, and went to Exeter. Exeter has come up in the world so much in the last 25-odd years, it is barely recognisable now as the sleepy, run-down city I knew, full of appalling 70's concrete, yellow brick and random pretty ancient buildings scattered among it all. Now the 70's concrete and yellow brick has been partially eclipsed by prosperous monstrous buildings, all glass and polished stone, which give the distinct impression of having been built for a taller (and thinner) species. The elderly buildings look as though they are squinting at these tall, straight newcomers dubiously.

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