December 19th, 2011


Proposed badger cull - TB, cows...

Interesting blog here :

There seems to be quite a consensus (in blogs that I read anyway) that vaccines (whether for badgers, or for cows) are the most effective & humane way to go with the TB problem, but I wonder if vaccine development is more difficult than it appears, given that it seems to have taken so long to develop one and we still don't seem to have a working vaccine.

Since something PWWBBIHHALJ said, I always wonder when I see badgers dead on the roadside, if they were really killed by traffic accidents, or if dropping the body by a busy road is a convenient way to dispose of the evidence...

FAO University of Cambridge

I can, in fact, recycle just about as many 'Small Business Surveys' as you care to post to me.   No matter how many you send, it's always going to be quicker and easier for me to fling them straight into the recycling than to open, check figures, tick boxes and put the damn thing back in the post. 

I'm guessing this is also the case for every other small business you are sending these to.  This is why nobody is returning them to you.  Stop!   Instead, perhaps there is an incentive you could spend all that postage money on that might induce small businesses to tell you the stuff you want to know?   An incentive other than 'We will stop sending you surveys' preferably.