December 10th, 2011


To the emergency vet...

I'm quite worried about Darwin.  This evening he began showing a lot of signs that the internet suggested could be bloat (discomfort, attempts to vomit, salivation, panting).  He seemed distressed enough that I called the vet and arranged to bring him in immediately. 

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No more Darwin

Darwin died in the car on the way to the vet for a blood test today. He was dead by the time I got him there.

The vet thinks he may have had a tumour which was quite advanced but the additional cortisol in his system as a result of the Cushings syndrome was masking its effects - once we started treating the Cushings, the tumour kicked in. It was at least over quite quickly, and he was so happy here until he got ill that I don't have to worry that it was wrong to try to rehome him. He had a great time here and I'm going to try to remember him bouncing and happy... I'm not normally one for funerals, but I've asked for his ashes and I'm going to take them up where he had such a lovely time chasing a scent and led me over a wall.

He was only here for a few weeks, but he was a lovely dog with a lot of character and I shall miss him.