October 18th, 2011


Random thoughts on re-rewatching Return of the King

1) My goodness the Rohirrim are hard.  I mean, they are quite tough in the book, but here 6,000 Rohirrim go through the Armies of Sauron, including Oliphaunts, like a knife through butter.   I think Rohirric horses may be closely related to rhinos.    I don't care though. I love the charge of the Rohirrim at the battle of the Pelennor Fields in both book and film. 

2) I wonder who lent Eowyn her nightie.  Because that does not look like an Eowyn nightie to me.  

3)  Elijah Wood has really odd lips, and his ridiculous youth is just silly. Frodo should not be that young.  Fastforwarded through the Frodo Closeup bits for this reason.  Also Frodo Closeups appear to cause Mollydog to whinge.  Whereas at the point where there was a closeup of the One Ring, Yama Bungle stood up in front of the telly and went 'Yowp!'  in the manner of a cat saying ' I want one of THOSE!'  This confirms all my worst suspicions about Yama Bungle. 

4)  Sam!  Hurray!  Let's face it, he is the real hero.  Aragorn  Hurray again!  I really can't imagine Aragorn played by anyone else now.   Arwen on the other hand.... hmph.   Eowyn would wipe the floor with her. 

5) I really hope the dwarves in the Hobbit film will have better makeup than Gimli. 

6) I wonder where the three dead rabbits strung on a frame in Mordor came from.  And what they did. 

7) Did the Mouth of Sauron have *oil* on his teeth?  I wonder how that works. 

8) I wonder if Gondor has hairdressers that specialise purely in putting in people's incredibly-neat backplaits.   Oh, and Arwen?  Very-pale-green?  REALLY? 

9) It was worth getting the extended DVD just for the proper nasturtians at the end, rather than those rather naff and obviously-grown-in-pots petunias that were in the cinema release.