October 14th, 2011

Sunset hounds

Back to two dogs again

I've just dropped off Smudge and Flash back at my mother's house!

 She is still not quite back in full health and her foot is still swollen and painful, but she is feeling a lot better and has decided to see how things go having her dogs with her, with a dog walker to help exercise them.  She has promised not to walk them at night and take things gently. 

It feels odd having only two dogs in the house again. I really thought Flash whippet at least was here for good, as she had seemed so definite about rehoming them!  But it is definitely a good thing that  she is feeling so much better and is going to give them another go. 

I took back everything apart from the big basket of toys.  Oh no, what will they do without Squeaky Squirrel and Mr Sneeze??  I will have to drop them around tomorrow. 
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