September 20th, 2011

No whining

Puppy Farming and Pet Shops - the UK Kennel Club explains why buying a puppy from a pet shop is a really bad idea for the puppy, the new owner, and the puppy's parents.  - about the reality of the nightmarish breeding conditions behind a dog in a pet shop window. - more about where pet shop puppies really come from.  Upsetting. - the Dogs Trust campaign against battery farmed dogs.

Arguably no animal should be sold in a pet shop: it's difficult for shops to provide appropriate care and the right environment.  But selling dogs - big animals with specific needs and lots of teeth - purely on the criteria of ' has this person got money' is insanely stupid.

I foster rescue dogs.  So far, I have not volunteered to foster an ex-puppy farm dog.  This is because puppy farm dogs are popularly reputed to be bloody difficult and I know my limits.  Buying a puppy farm dog - and don't fall for the line that dogs in pet shops are anything else -  it is wrong, encourages a horrible industry, and may well  leave you with a dog that is scarred emotionally or horribly ill.   Yes, they come with guarantees.  But who takes a living sick puppy back to the shop for a refund?