September 11th, 2011


Emmets ahoy

Overheard today:
"OH GOD!!!! NOW THERE's A BULL!!!!"  (very shrill)
"No, it's OK, it's just a cow.  Just walk past" (authoritative, but somewhat nervously)
"Oh, OK a cow?   I'll carry the dog. "

Let's examine the evidence:
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Unsuccessful Jelly, Dog Birthday, A Rat

1) Apparently in our house the answer to the eternal question: 'there's a rat in the kitchen what amma gonna do?' is 'catch it using the two-wellie-boot technique, escort it, enbooted, up the lane through the stygian darkness until the torch begins to  die, then turf it out'.  The Deliverer of Rats was Yama Bungle.  I hope he's not going to make it a habit.
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5) It was Mollydog's twelfth birthday on Friday. Everydog had Birthday Bones to celebrate. She celebrated by haring about like a mad loon, but it was pouring with rain so I did not manage to photograph her.  Here she is today instead, practicing her levitating. 
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6) Although I am still very in love with my ancient manual focus lenses, I put the autofocus lens back on the Nex3, and experimented with using different types of autofocus now that I am generally more used to the camera.  The spot focus mode seems to deliver the best results for the kind of photos I want to take.  Here is Flash Whuppet running like a little deer:

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