August 7th, 2011


Smudgy things

I wanted to have a go with some medium that would offer a smudgy and smearable experience similar to charcoal, but in colour.  Also, I've been playing with charcoal for a while now, and I needed more sticks.

At the art supply shop, I found some natural willow charcoals. They are rather lovely - unlike the manufactured pressed charcoal, they look like natural sticks with knotholes and wiggles.

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Az & Pony

Tiny pony in trouble

Yesterday evening when walking hounds I almost fell over a very young foal (maybe a few days?) who was on his own and in a very bad way, not able to stand, obviously distressed and covered in flies. 

I phoned the emergency number on the park gate, and got a confused lady in Truro, who (after a long delay where I hung about while the hounds whinged about how it surely must be teatime by now) passed me to Cornwall Council Animal control, who (after another long delay when the hounds appeared to have given up hope of ever going home and went to sleep on the grass)  passed me to the RSPCA, who said they would make it a priority case, leave it to them.

  I was rather expecting them to call me back for more directions, but they didn't - however, the foal was gone this morning, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't in a state to walk out of there, so someone must have taken him.  I hope he is OK.
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