August 5th, 2011

Dark Ages

Bought it on Eeeeebay...

I gave in to temptation and bought seasons 7 & 8 of Stargate SG1 on DVD.  There is SO MUCH Stargate, that when I was given series 1-4, I really thought that would be more Stargate than I would ever need or watch.  But apparently not.   Somehow I have managed to watch absolute oodles of it, including even the series with Jonas Quinn (6) , which I thought at first I would not bother with.   I remembered that series as being 'the one without Daniel Jackson' but in fact, there are remarkable levels of Daniel Jackson in it, given that it is 'the series without'.   It should be marked 'made in a factory which also manufactures Daniel Jackson' or something like that. 

My memory of Stargate SG1, which I have never previously watched in the intended order, was that it started off relatively sensibly as a SF/adventure show, and became increasingly silly as the writers became desperate.  This was incorrect.  I now realise that it starts off pretty damn silly, and on the whole, manages to maintain those levels of silliness in an increasingly elliptical and self-referential manner as it goes on. 

I'm fairly convinced that if anyone in SG1 is a Higher Form of Being, it's actually Samantha Carter.  She makes Buffy look underpowered.