July 20th, 2011



Today I had the first apple off the early apple tree.  Oddly, the top of the tree has not really set fruit but the bottom of the tree is weighed down with it. It's a good week or more before they are usually ripe, too.

I have also managed to find some more sheltered rowan trees that managed to set fruit this year - was it a particularly windy spring, I wonder?  The ones in exposed positions seem to have very little fruit.  But the little crab apple trees are covered: I have filled my bag with crabapples and not made a dent!  Jelly here we come!
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Az & Pony

Horses of the Chalk

Title: Horses of the Chalk
Length: 5218 words
Rating : g
Summary: In which the great grandson of the Tribune Placidus sets out one fine May morning to buy a horse, meets an old enemy of his house, and makes some friends who later prove invaluable. Cottia makes a number of cutting remarks and saves the day.
Set around 55 years after the Eagle of the Ninth (Sutcliff), on the farm founded by Marcus, Esca, and Cottia.
Any stupid mistakes or historical inaccuracies, please let me know!

Inspired by: Eagle of the Ninth, The Silver Branch

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