July 19th, 2011


Nagging the BBC?

 When I posted about having seen the film The Eagle,  a few months back, endlessrarities  commented to mention a 1977 BBC TV series of Eagle of the Ninth, which I'd not previously heard of.  

For some reason this came back to me today, and I googled and found this short series of snippets on the author's website. 

"This looks entertaining, and also the hair is hilarious"  I thought.   "I would like to see the whole thing!"

Having rummaged around at rosemarysutcliff.com, it sounds like there may, or may not, still be BBC archive copies of the series, and if there are not, then possibly Sutcliff's estate may have a copy in the attic somewhere, but it needs the BBC to do stuff before anything can happen. 

I posted on the Points of View website as this was suggested on the rosemarysutcliff.com site as the place to nag, but I am pretty sure that holds very little weight.  Are there other good ways to nag about this sort of thing?

I have only previously nagged music companies about an album that was not available in any modern format : rather to my surprise (and possibly a complete coincidence) they did eventually release that album on CD.  This positively reinforced me in my nagging behaviour, so I intend to do more of it...