July 18th, 2011

Mollydog goes boing

The Rain

I waited until the rain stopped before walking the dogs this evening, but alas, it did not stop for long enough.   Even though I was wearing the long waterproof coat and wellies that managed to keep me dry when whalewatching in Iceland, I got wet, in the way that I would have expected to get wet if I had been suspended under a waterfall for half an hour.   Then it began to hail! 

The hounds decided that an appropriate reaction to the deluge would be to hare round me in huge circles at warp speed.  I don't think this made them any less wet, but it can't have made them any wetter.  At least they were having fun.

Then the sun came out looking all innocent and smily as if the weather was nothing to do with her, and formed a wonderful rainbow which came down to the ground just onto the roof of  Louis' Tea Room, promising golden teacakes within.  I resisted the temptation, as I thought the hounds would not be too pleased to have to sit out on the deck and wait for food while sopping wet.