June 21st, 2011


Typical thought processes for website owners

 1) Doing X  takes you too long and you keep charging me money!  I want to manage it myself. 

2) This system doesn't work like Word/Excel!  Why not?  You've obviously set it up wrong. 

3) I can't easily do Y.  Make it do that. No, not that.  Not that either.  Now I've forgotten what Y was, but I've got this idea for Z, (unspoken:  you can do that within the same quote, obviously. It's all computers.) 

4) I can't remember how to do X or Y as I last did it 5 months ago and haven't touched it since. Show me again.  I've lost the instructions you sent me. 

5) I've failed to maintain Z so things are now broken. Fix it! 

6) Can't YOU do it for me?  

Repeat, and repeat, and repeat. 
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