June 11th, 2011


Bunn is watching you (and is not alone)

Just so you know, I have Google Analytics installed on this journal.  Google Analytics is a free website visitor analytics system which I use routinely on most of the websites that I work with.  It logs information like :
  • what searches were run that brought searchers to this journal
  • which posts did people look at?
  • what other sites linked people to this journal?
  • what operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions, network locations did those people use?
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Why I love Google Analytics & website traffic analysis in general.
Website visitor analytics offer a brilliant way for the people who build and own websites to understand what the visitors are wanting, without having to intrude and demand time and effort to explain directly. 

Knowing how people use a website, what they searched for, which pages they visited and in what order,  helps the website owner either to help people find stuff they want more quickly and easily, or make it clearer that that isn't what they do.  

This makes the web better and more useable for everyone.

Now OK, this is my personal journal : basically what it contains is stuff that caught my eye as being shiny or irritating or took my attention for any one of a thousand reasons.  It doesn't actually have a customer service ethos. But for sites that do, analytics is a really important and honestly, not particularly intrusive tool that can help make the world a less irritating place.