May 16th, 2011

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Long road to Calleva 3: Winter in Deva

Summary: After the fall of Cunoval, Esca is enslaved. All Esca says about that in the book is "They sold me to a trader from the South, who sold me to Beppo, here in Calleva" Yet, that sentence covers two years of Esca's life (in the book, it's seven in the movie). This story explores what happened to Esca and how he ended up in the arena at Calleva where he first saw Marcus.
Inspired by: Eagle of the Ninth

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Title: Winter in Deva
Length: 3433 words
Rating : and still more with the gen.
Summary: Esca and the other slaves arrive in Deva. Esca gets a haircut, has a very unpleasant (but gen!) time in a bathhouse, and proves difficult to sell.

Walking down the main East road towards Deva that cold and windy morning, the huge stone walls of the fortress were visible for miles, dark and heavy in the distance. As they came closer, the strength of the fortified Eastgate, busy with soldiers coming and going, was obvious. It looked even bigger than the fort he had seen at Eboracum, and that had been large enough. Around the great walls were deep-dug ditches. Esca tried to imagine how one might go about an attack on such a place, but he could not imagine how any army could go about surmounting those walls, not if they were defended.
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