March 9th, 2011


Yay! Google lied

Google street view and maps seems at first glance, so comprehensive that you start to forget that the information was only put in there by human beings.  And probably those human beings are They Vurriners*, wot dun't understaand our Local Ways.

Dropped the dogs off for their test day with the dogsitter this morning, and found that the street that Google claimed  ran right next to the main road actually sort of flips round the back and turns into a private track backing onto fields.   Which is where New Dogsitter is located : no traffic noise at all.

New dogsitter seemed lovely, very down to earth and practical, and Az liked her.  Phew.

This isn't quite on the level of the postcode on the rural outskirts of Bratton Fleming that Google thinks is located in the central postoffice in Barnstaple, but it's still a pleasing mistake.

*this is a technical Westcountry term meaning 'someone who lives more than 20 miles from my house'.