February 6th, 2011

No whining

Cleaning the outside of a house.

Where I live, it's very damp.  It's a river valley and most mornings, the mist comes up off the river before it burns off.   Typically, our weather is damp and kind of warmish in the summer, and damp and kind of coldish in the winter.  It's a perfect environment for things to... grow.  

Our house has rendered painted walls - and all over the walls GREEN THINGS have started growing.  Then slugs and snails have wandered over the GREEN THINGS and made weird little tracks all over the walls.

Last time the house went green, we had it painted. If I remember rightly, the painter cleaned it all beforehand with soapy water with a sponge and a bucket. but then he was a man who thought nothing of whizzing up and down perilously balancing on ladders.

The paint still seems in good condition, so I'm kind of thinking rather than painting again, it would  be nice to just give it a good wash.  But how do you wash a two story house?  I can wash the bottom of it, but how do you get at the top half?

Any cunning ideas or ingenious tips? 

Things Done

Room painted (including fiddly burgundy doorframe and skirting boards)   Crown Solo paint really does only need one coat.  'Colors' magnolia was a false economy : next time buy more expensive wall paint and avoid having to double-coat and touch up!

Old carpet disposed of (including lining of newspapers dating from 1990!) and furniture moved out ready for the Coming of the Carpet Guy.

Dogs walked : along the Lynher, through Calstock along the Tamar, across Kit Hill, around the village.

Pancakes cooked and consumed with white chocolate icecream.

'The Road' film watched.   Goodness it's a sad (not bad) film.  Even among postapocalyptic dramas, outstandingly depressing.

Foster Bob lurcher rehoming entry written and video created.

Tried Bob without previcox for 2 days.  Spectacular disaster, Bob clearly distressed.  Put him back on the pills.

Failed to do any gardening. Poot.