January 20th, 2011

No whining

Plumbing and lights.

Yesterday I walked the dogs by moonlight.  This evening I tried to do the same, but forgot moon would be later.  Had to walk dogs by starlight -  which wasn't as dark as you'd have thought.   Az hared about like a loon.  I'm pretty sure he couldn't see any more than I could, but presumably he could smell rabbits. 

Today a washer went , and water came through the ceiling into the dining room and all over a sofa, which was a tad alarming.  Philmophlegm resourcefully found a plumber, so at least the problem is sorted, but the ceiling is still full of water.  We are not sure which of the ceiling lights have cables that  go through that room, so am typing this by fire and candlelight, to the sound of dripping noises as the ceiling slowly drains.
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