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Princess Tara Banana

She came with an enormous pedigree,a leaflet advertising her breeder, 4 beds, two bottles of shampoo and a couple of bags of very brightly coloured dogfood (I have thrown these last away: boxers are quite lively enough without the aid of artificial colours and whatever meat was cheapest when Mr Baker and Mr Tesco were purchasing dogsmeat six months ago.)

For a dog that has lived the last 8 years as an only one, she's not doing too badly with the other dogs and the cats. The cats have almost all decided that she is inoffensive (Suma is still a little cautious) and the hounds are being pretty good with her, give or take Az having a grump at her when she snuffled him when he was asleep.

Or, at least, I don't *think* she's too bothered by the cats or dogs. She mostly ignores the cats and interacts politely enough with the dogs. That said, she is not a happy doggy. She's doing a lot of puffing and trotting about, she's very clingy, and there have been several little accidents. At the moment she seems to be too stressed to pee in the garden, she just loses it wherever she is when she can't hang on.

I am getting a DAP diffuser tomorrow, perhaps that will help, though no doubt mostly what is needed is time.

Philmophlegm's Dog Review
Philmophlegm has a tendency to review my foster dogs. So far I think Saffy has come off least worst with " not very scary". Tara's review is not particularly enviable:
"she seems fairly well behaved, but her face is weirdly deformed and really really ugly. And those noises! It's like having a pig in the house"

Him: "she walks around the place going HOFF HOFF HOFF. Like Darth Vader with fleas"

Me: "she doesn't have fleas!"

Him: " She walks like she has ants in her pants".


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29th Nov, 2009 23:40 (UTC)
Aww, but she's very sweet. She looks ever so serious about her ball.
30th Nov, 2009 15:25 (UTC)
She is very sweet and cuddly. If we can just get the housetraining issue sorted I'm sure she will be very adoptable. :-)
9th Jul, 2010 20:12 (UTC)
i am a 13 year ol girl and tara was bought for me when i was 4 and she was a pup, i loved her so much and i miss her i cry for her all the time, she never bit me i loved her so much, you would walk into the back room and she would get all excited and i would get up at 7:00 just tp take her for a walk woth my grandad, i hope who ever has got her loves her as much as i did but noboodt will love her as much aas i did, love and mmiss you tara, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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