December 26th, 2010


Another white Christmas

I think the time has come to accept that philmophlegm  & I have failed on the christmas card front this year. No real reason, just randomness. But we wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

Looking at my Christmas tag, I note that back in 2004 I was amazed by the arrival of snow.  A few years on and it's starting to seem quite normal.  Where was all this snow during the Christmases of my youth when I desperately wanted snow and it never came???
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Mollydog in the snow.

Bob at Christmas

I'm afraid that Bob found Christmas rather too much for him. He coped surprisingly well on Christmas eve when we went over to visit pp's parents, and apart from spilling a bit of gravy on the floor when offered left over pork and roasties, was generally very good. 
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