December 15th, 2010


Bob the Lurcher (can we fix him?)

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Update 16th Dec:
Bob is fast asleep in the hall after morning walk: such a change from the active stressed dog of yesterday!  I have the door open, he could come into the livingroom, but he seems to have formed a passionate attachment to the hall radiator and will not leave it.   Went in just now to check he was still OK, barely opened his misty eyes.  He seems to like the hall : in the end I gave up on trying to get him to sleep with the other dogs, as he seemed so terrified of the stairs.

I think he is not used to being walked.  The idea seemed to come as something of a surprise to him, though he enjoyed it once he worked it out.  66 quid for flea treatment and wormers to make sure my other beasts are up to date!  Ouch.

Thinness : Checking the bottle of metacam that the kennels sent with him, he was 25Kg when he went to their vet.  Mollydog is 28Kg and is about right, and he is the same height as Molls and quite a bit broader in the beam.  So I reckon he needs to gain at least a couple of kilos.