May 5th, 2010

Mollydog goes boing

State of the greyhound update

Mollydog's back bad leg (the one that had the operation) was badly swollen this morning, so we've just been to the vet.  The hope is that she has just twisted and bruised it somehow, as the bone still seems solid where it was fused.  The swelling is considerable, and obviously painful, so she has antibiotics and is on complete rest till Monday, when she will see her surgeon (Rude Craig).  She's already on painkillers for her other bad leg, so not much more to add there, though I am wondering whether to break out the spare bottle of Metacam instead of Previcox tomorrow, as Rude Craig reckons it's better for fleshy type pains.

When the duty vet gave her an injection she warned me Mollydog might scream.  'Oh, she is usually quite brave about that sort of thing', I airily said.  Which normally, is true.  

But not this time.  She did her best Violet Elizabeth Bott act and screamed and screamed and screamed for about a minute...  Thankfully, she was not sick, but when we came out into the waiting room afterwards, all the waiting dog owners were strangely pale and silent.