February 20th, 2010

Cats and Hounds

Cyber-fascists? People eating animals with names - or not eating them.

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Incidentally, all these surveys that say children believe cheese comes from rats and so on  - does no school child get any credit for a sense of humour? I mean, imagine you are a kid being forced to complete a survey which you are told you must fill in, but crucially on which you can lie with complete impunity. I reckon it's odds-on that at least some of them are going to go through the form going "hahaha, and then I told them cheese came from rats LOL!"

Well, I would, and given the number of people who gave their Census religion as 'Jedi' I don't think I'm alone, somehow.

Garden in Feb

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Everything is looking rather tired and quiet out there at the moment.  I think all the frost and snow has put things back.  We have loads of snowdrops, but the daffodils are only just putting their heads above the ground - way behind where they usually are by now. 

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