January 1st, 2010


Brain, meet nose. Nose, meet brain

According to QI just now, the nostril you breathe through affects how your brain works.   A couple of years ago, I filled in a bunch of quizzes that all told me I was rightbrainified and this mystified me a bit. 

Finally, I have an explanation!  I have a small nasal polyp (Fred the Polyp) living in my left nostril, where he obstructs the breeze.  Clearly the quizzes have detected that the right hand side of my head is better ventilated! 


 I don't think I made any resolutions last year.  

Resolutions for 2008
 have mostly been achieved.   I did lose a stone in weight (we will pass over the 4 pounds I have regained over Christmas...)  and I did do quite a bit to the garden.   I don't think I have achieved the 'more decisive' but possibly I have drifted to the point where I've at least got stuck on something and aren't drifting that much further. 

This year I shall
1) do the weight thing again, though rather aware that it took 2 years to shift the last one!

2) learn how to draw human heads and bodies properly.    I tend to just randomly draw stuff that interests me and have no training, so it is probably not surprising that I am not good at faces.  I have bought a couple of books, and am working through the one on the human head now. 

I can't decide whether to make a third resolution to try to make more money.  I can think of several ways to do it, but it might make me less happy and relaxed - though admittedly, being less poor would be cheering and relaxing in its own right.   Hum.  will reflect on this matter.