December 8th, 2009

No whining

I deduce that once again, nothing has happened

The local TV news is leading, yet again, on a possible review of water bills. OK, water bills in the Southwest of the country are much higher than elsewhere, but I think this is the third? Fourth? time in the last couple of weeks that it's been the lead story.

We know the story: the bills will come down slightly, and that will be swallowed by growth and geography. If this is the lead story then I assume that nowhere in Devon and Cornwall has anything at all happened.

Oh well, I guess it beats surfing hamsters and the romantic engagements of geese. Also, the weather isn't good enough for hamsters to surf at the moment.

I forgot to mention that I have broken my iconic No Whining mug. I feel bereft!

Edit: I spoke too soon. No surfing hamsters, but the second story was some baby otters in a bath. V. cute.
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