August 24th, 2009


Entertaining Spam

"Being hung as a horse is more than possible. "  (Well, they do say you might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, why not go the whole hog and be hung as a horse?  )

Also, apparently with an "anticrisis crazy sale" I can " drill ladies better!"  Somehow the words "anticrisis crazy sale" need to be said in a Dutch accent.  I can't say why that is.  But I don't think of the Dutch as doing a lot of drilling.

The defiant cry of "Sex brings too much pleasure to refuse it completely!" seems to be addressed to a different audience to most of the rest of my spam, where frankly, refusing it completely doesn't seem to be an option...

The offer of 'hot demo sunshine' baffled me somewhat.  Surely this spammer cannot really be preparing the launch of Sun 2  (for those times when you need sunshine in the middle of the night?)

Also, I really want to "attend a Univresity Dergee".  It sounds like it would be some sort of vaguely Indian-style celebration, probably with decorated elephants.   
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