July 21st, 2009

No whining


I thought I'd got over last week's bug, so went away for the weekend. It was a fine weekend, involving a large number of Brian Blesseds and a lot of questioning of unhelpful peasants.   Also I got to play with my new pencils.

I was a bit stiff when I got there, but assumed that was down to the absurdly stiff suspension of philmophlegm's S2000.  Then I found that I was rather wheezy, and assumed that  I must be reacting to some strange Isle of Wight blossom.    I was strangely tired on Sunday, but put that down to a late night, too much excellent cheese fondu (mmmmm, fondu)  and too much to drink.

Now I'm back I'm still wheezy and also, really tired and achey and full of strange dreams*. I think it must be the bug again. Bum. Hope I've not given it to anyone else, I really thought I was over it on Thurs. *guilt* 

*in last night's dream, my mother was rearing squid in her garden pond. She said they were very good at catching slugs.