July 8th, 2009


Phobile Moan

My telephone has - well, not quite died, but it is very ill. It still makes calls, but the screen is stuck in 'lantern' mode and won't come out of it, so the address book, clock, etc are invisible.

Fortunately, philmophlegm went over to the Blackberry side recently, so I have his old phone. Amazed by the number of photos of his contacts that he had taken the trouble to store in his telephone. I took great delight in deleting them all. It made me feel like a Cyberman, only, well a happy one that enjoys his work. DELETE!
No whining

Open source content management systems

Wordpress: lovely. Just lovely. so well written, so useable. OK, it's basically a blogging engine, but you can get a whole lot done with it very quickly, even if there are some things it just can't do, it doesn't do them gracefully.

Drupal: will drive you mad, but SOOO powerful! Almost anything can be achieved in Drupal: it'll take ages and sometimes it would be quicker to simply write what you want from scratch - but still, its power and flexibility is pretty remarkable. Keep away from the civicrm implementation and all will be well - eventually.

Joomla : Don't. Just, don't. OK, there's a lot of documentation and it's very configurable but it's written for idiots so finding the info you want is really hard as it floats in a sea of fluff. The userbase are full of myth and misinformation, and the code's horrible. Not Drupal, stretch your brain kind of horrible, more 'why would they DO this' horrible.

I can see why it's popular with graphic designers because you can dump the whole template into Dreamweaver, but that's not necessarily a good thing.
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